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Students are responsible for obtaining and submitting all relevant information to support an academic appeal. If out of the immediate area, students may contact faculty members via email; email responses from the Faculty’s University email accounts are accepted in lieu of signatures.

It is a policy of Tiako University to carefully consider student grievances and make adjustments when appropriate. Students submitting a grievance are not subject to unfair action or treatment as a result of their initiation of such a complaint.

It is the University’s objective to maintain good communications and to assure that the concerns of all members of the University community (students, faculty, and staff) are addressed fairly and in a timely manner. To accomplish this, the steps below should be used in seeking resolution of a student’s concerns.

  1. See your academic advisor to discuss your appeal. If this action does not bring the situation to a close, the advisor will explain the process and help you determine which regulation is involved. Indicate the specific regulation to be appealed on your request document.
  2. Write a statement of appeal. Be sure to give complete information, including specific dates if appropriate. Attach supporting documentation.
  3. Take your appeal document to your program chair for recommendation, comments (specific reasons for approval or disapproval), and signature.
  4. If the meeting with the Program/Department Chair does not bring the situation to a close, submit your complete packet to the School Director/Dean or to the Office of Academic Affairs. All documentation must be submitted 48 hours prior to the next Academic Appeals Committee meeting.
  5. You may attend the Academic Appeals Committee meeting to provide clarification or additional information. Attendance is not required. If you wish to attend, check the space on the Student Academic Appeal Petition form. You will be notified of the meeting date by phone or via your University email address. If you cannot attend that meeting, you will need to call to have your appeal delayed. If we do not hear from you, the committee will make a decision without your attendance.
  6. Students will be notified of the Appeals Committee’s decision by mail within a week of the meeting.
  7. If a grade change or other record revision is required, the School Director/Dean or the Office of Academic Affairs will notify the Office of the Registrar that will make the appropriate change to the student’s records.

If the complaint or grievance cannot be resolved after exhausting University’s grievance procedures, a complaint may be filed with the following institution.

Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools

3700 N Classen Blvd Suite 250

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone (405) 528-3370