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Students are expected to attend all lectures, recitations, quizzes, and laboratories regularly. The University has no regulation which permits cutting class. Students are expected to progress and complete their program according to their attendance schedule of record, and should clear absences directly with their instructor or advisor.

Student attendance is recorded daily and monitored on a weekly basis. The enrollment period is defined in the Enrollment Agreement. Students must attend no less than 80% of their enrollment period. The University calculates the attendance percentage rate by comparing the actual number of hours attended by the student to the number of hours the student was scheduled to attend.

For example, if a student is scheduled for 18 hours per week and at the end of the week had only attended 14 hours, the attendance rate would be 77% (14/18). Since the 77% rate is less than the required 80%, that student would be counseled regarding attendance performance, encouraged to work with his/her advisor to achieve an 80% attendance rate by the date which the formal review of progress is scheduled.

In cases where a student is unable to contact his or her instructors due to major illness, serious injury, or hospitalization or when given military orders which are effective immediately, a notice may be sent by a family physician to the student’s instructors or the Office of Academic Affairs. This notice is for the instructor’s information only and does not relieve the student of contacting instructors as soon as possible.

University-Sponsored Activities

Students involved in University-sponsored activity or research program, may need to be excused from a class, lab, or studio meeting. In all instances it is the student's responsibility to request permission for the absence (preferably in writing) from the instructor and to discuss how the absence will affect their ability to meet the course requirements. Students should do this as soon in the semester as possible. While instructors should seek to the greatest extent possible, consistent with course requirements, to make reasonable accommodation for a student involved in University-sponsored activities, students should recognize that not every course can accommodate absences and neither the absence (nor the notification of an absence) relieves them from meeting the course requirements. The University Optional Student Absence form can be used by the student. Not attending a course does not constitute an official drop. You must process the drop or withdrawal from the University as described by Withdrawal from the University section of this document.

Tardiness and Classroom Breaks

Tiako University expects students to be on time for all activities, appointments and training sessions. Your punctuality to class each day establishes a record of attendance and reliability that a student can present with their academic qualification. Classes start at the beginning of each hour. Any student who is more than 10 minutes late for class will not be given credit for that first hour. Students are encouraged to take a few minutes break at the end of each hour or between two courses. A few minutes each hour enhances the students learning ability. Student break periods must be taken during the hour they are earned and may not be shifted to the last period of the day.

Make-Up Sessions

Students are strongly encouraged to make-up all missed training sessions as soon as possible so that skill competencies can be developed according to their progress schedule. If students have to miss a training session they are able to continue to progress without missing any instruction upon their return because of the individualized nature of the training. University Library is open for make-up during business hours. A classroom or office space must be reserved for all make-up sessions scheduled by an instructor.